Vehicles that can participate

They can participate in the Sahara Desert Challenge motor vehicles 4×4 and off-road motorbikes. To participate in the expedition the vehicles must comply with the requirements in the technical and administrative checks and must obey the legislation of the country where they are registered.


4×4 / 4×2 vehicles

All 4×4 / 4×2 vehicles, more or less prepared for off-road activity, larger or smaller, are eligible to participate in this expedition.


Off-road motorbikes

Participate in the “Sahara Desert Challenge” in a off-road motorbike is definitely a great adventure, and perhaps the more freely way, but also more physically demanding to crossing the tracks of North Africa in route to Dakar. The motorbike must have a minimum preparation to join the caravan of the expedition, especially in terms of tires and transport mechanisms of essential supplies to the traveler.


4×4 truck

Participate in the «Sahara Desert Challenge» in a 4×4 truck is an amazing and unique experience, these “monsters” impress and are the machines that arouse more curiosity. Important aspect is the reliability of these powerful vehicles, older or more modern, it is desirable that they are in excellent mechanical condition as a malfunction in the desert can be a tricky time to resolve.