Sahara Desert Challenge – The great African adventure continues!

The 11th Edition of the Sahara Desert Challenge is a trans-Saharan adventure that connects two continents: Europe and Africa … and crosses five countries: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal… Dakar is the destination!

This is an expedition that aims to recreate the great moments of evasion and adventure of the mythical “Dakar Rally” with quite affordable participation costs and the possibility of participation of various types of motor vehicles: 4×4 and 4×4 trucks. A good dose of courage, spirit of adventure, ability to help and good humor are essential ingredients to undertake the fantastic route defined for this crossing.

The new edition includes off-road sections through amazing tracks in the west inland and coastal of Morocco, interior of Mauritania and Senegal… the expedition will cross fabulous locations, full of landscapes that will stop your breath!

To participate, you do not need to have advanced knowledge of off-road driving or off-road navigation, and the vehicles for participation do not require special preparation … this is an adventure for you, participate!

Do You Dare

Participation in the category “Morocco Adventure”

“Morocco Adventure” is a special category of the Sahara Desert Challenge that allows a shorter participation in the Great African Adventure, with stages in Portugal, Spain and Morocco, including fantastic stages in the West of Morocco. This category between Coruche and Dakhla, is an ideal solution for those who have little time available or a more limited budget, allowing make part of this challenge and its daring spirit!