Values associated with the Sahara Desert Challenge

Human adventure

The “Sahara Desert Challenge” is a unique human adventure, where the rush and competition don’t found allies. The challenge is to reach Dakar, exploring throughout the day new personal boundaries. From Coruche to the Dakarf will be many challenges to face in team!

Fellowship and team spirit

Large spaces inspire the adventurous. Participate in this adventure means to some extent, the opportunity to each participant climb your Everest … arriving at your destination is a challenge and it is fundamental the aid between participants, really the true spirit of expedition!

Giving, receiving and respect

The off-road routes to the north of Africa are a legend … witness are the merchants of the fifteenth and sixteenth century with their caravans of camels loaded with salt and spices that crossed the Sahara desert. In this challenge the participants feel attracted by the unknown and they are invited to meddle and share experiences with the locals. The Sahara and the people who inhabit it will fascinate and surprise!

Good mood

Facing an adventure as the “Sahara Desert Challenge», definitely requires a good ability to overcome great difficulties with good doses of hum. Tolerance, patience, ability to help and humility to accept help are essential.