Groups and stage check-points

Groups of participants

The caravan of the SDC 2018 will be composed of groups of participants 4, 5 or 6 vehicles, which must travel together, so that there is greater mutual support, companionship along the steps and immediate support, one of the hallmarks of this event.

Expedition passport

In the start of expedition will be delivered to each participant a “passport”. This function is to ensure, by means of a departure stamp and other arrival, the participant met all the stages.

Daily briefing

The time of the daily briefing takes place 15 minutes before the start of each stage. During this time they are discussed some important aspects of each stage, with obligatory participation.

Departure check-point

The departure check-point of time of each stage is determined in the Road-Book. The teams groups should made the check-point and starting the stage at the same time.

Arrival check-point

The arrival check-point of each stage should be carried out with groups of complete teams, except in case of mechanical problems. None participant, member of the team, should be abandoned with problems before the arrival of mechanical assistance.