Mechanical assistance on track

Taking part in an expedition like the Sahara Desert Challenge, whose success depends heavily on the reliability of “machines”, the participant must provide a thorough check of the distribution systems, refrigeration, air conditioning, filters, etc.:

  • Check lights and headlights
  • Suspension System
  • Transmission system
  • Motor
  • Engine oil
  • Brakes (wear and oil)
  • Tires (pressure and wear)
  • Pipes and exhaust
  • Filters
  • Drums
  • Radiator (fluid replacement)
  • Check leaks, vibrations and noise
  • Wiper brushes
  • Air conditioning
  • Steering Alignment

Integrates the caravan of Sahara Desert Challenge a mechanical assistance vehicle with one or two mechanics equipped to perform small/medium repairs on the track that vehicles participants require. The interventions by the mechanics will focus exclusively equip vehicles participants of mechanical conditions to finish the stages.

The mechanical work carried out after the end of the stages have a fee/hour applied. The payment of required materials that the organization has for repairs will be applied (cost price). The participant is also responsible for actively participating in the search for solutions to repair your vehicle, particularly from local repair stations.