Radio, GPS navigation and road-book

Communications VHF radio

The communications shall be made using the VHF, and is a obligatory equipment for all vehicles (cars and motorbikes). A common frequency to be used by the organization and participants will be available. For information on the communications model adopted for expedition, operation and acquisition of equipment, we suggest contact with the SDC’s partner for communications, RMS (Mr. Luis Almeida: / +351 214 309 000 /


The use of GPS is obligatory. The GPS used by the participant must support the loading of “tracks”. The route provided by the organization is in “GPX” format. It is recommended that the GPS used the maps of the countries included in the route. The tracks of the stages will be sent by email to all participants a few days before the start of the expedition. In case you need support, we suggest contact with the SDC’s partner for navigation, the RMS (Mr. Luis Almeida: / +351 214 309 000 /


One copy to each team, as a supporting element, containing indicative notes on the main points of the route (which may be used symbology) will be provided. It also includes practical and useful information about the entire expedition.