Return of vehicles after expedition

The whole organizational structure of the Sahara Desert Challenge returns by road from Dakar to Europe, the most direct route, continuing to provide possible support (especially in border crossings) at no extra cost (unless required by local representatives to facilitate border crossing) to the participants who wish to return this way.

The return of Dakar, with reference to the arrival in Lisbon (Portugal), will last 5 days:

  • Day 1 Dakar/Nouakchott
  • Day 2 Nouakchott/Dakhla
  • Day 3 Dakhla/Guelmim
  • Day 4 Guelmim/Asilah
  • Day 5 Asilah/Tanger/Tarifa/Lisbon.

The return of the participants Morocco Adventure will be held in autonomy, being provided a GPS track (in GPX format) of the entire course, with reference to the arrival in Lisbon (Portugal), it can be done in 3 days: Day 1 Dakhla/Guelmim ; Day 2 Guelmim/Asilah; Day 3 Asilah/Tanger/Tarifa/Lisbon. Lisbon.

For participants who do not wish to return by road land, the alternative it is the return of vehicles by sea and by air the participants. For cars, the organization recommends transport “Ro-Ro”, an abbreviation of “Roll on-Roll off” cargo transporting by sea cars and other vehicles without being in container (travel on large deck). This type of transportation is available from Dakar to various European ports. The procedures will be handled directly in Dakar by the participants with the support of the local representative of the organization or another choise by participants.

TAP flies directly from Dakar to Lisbon.

The organization has motorbikes transport places in trailer (to return by land) and assists in the repatriation of cars with driver by land. Check with the organization more information, this extra service is subject to limited spaces.