Like happening in previous editions of the Sahara Desert Challenge, during the stay of the expedition in Africa will count on the official support of the tourist authorities, police and military of Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. police or military brigades, and occasionally both, will monitor continuously the entire African route of the expedition, a presence during the day and especially at night in the campings in the desert.

The Sahara Desert Challenge is not a dangerous adventure, but there are risks inherent in the realization of an expedition of this nature. We recommend that the participant feel informed about the situation in North Africa and West Africa, especially in specific regions of the expedition passage.

Participants have at their side an equipped and prepared organization, support by local authorities who are keen to join us permanently in the border crossing, on the tracks and group camp sites.

Advice about this expediton: The best way to avoid surprises is to be responsible and self-sufficient to your vehicle controls!